RTIS Unreal Visualizer

RTIS Unreal Visualizer

A 3D visualization of RTIS and LIDAR sensor data from both online sources. Build with Unreal.

This project includes the Unreal Visualizer source code and scripts needed to get data from one or multiple RTIS sensors and a LIDAR sensor to the visualizer.

How to use

You need to do the following 4 items to get everything to work:

  • Optionally start RTIS Network and make sure it is ready to go if using multiple sensors
  • Optionally connect an Ouster LiDAR sensor to the network
  • Start Visualizer python script with the correct launch arguments (see below)
  • Start Unreal Visualizer binary

1. RTIS Network

This package connects to the RTIS Network repository. See the README there for further instructions on how to start the network.

2. Visualizer scripts

For connecting it to online RTIS and LIDAR(Ouster LidAR sensors are supported) sensors data, it has to be connected to the RTIS Network using the Python scripts found in the Python folder. Start the RTISUnrealVisualizer.py for connecting an RTIS (and Ouster LiDAR) sensor(s). For example:

python3 ./Python/RTISUnrealVisualizer.py

There are a few launch arguments that you likely need to use to correctly configure the script to work. --help shows the description of all launch arguments, so you can learn what they do.

3. Visualizer binary

The build Unreal Visualizer can be found on the Releases page. Start the executable to launch it. When the Visualizer is launched, please see the onscreen control instructions on how to use it.